Chicken Vendor in the Mercado Modelo


As some of you know, a few weeks ago I traveled to Ambato, Ecuador with a group from my church to help with construction on our sister church there. While a lot of our time was spent on the site of the new building, we also had time to go sightseeing around the city. On the first Sunday, we visited the Mercado Modelo. It is a two story market covering a whole city block. On the first floor are the food vendors, like the woman in this picture, and on the second floor are little restaurants and juice stores. It’s hard to describe properly because there was so many things happening and new smells and sights and sounds everywhere. I do have more pictures though, since my words can’t do it justice, and I will be posting more over the next few days/weeks. 🙂

Since I don’t speak much Spanish, I asked my friend who does to ask the woman pictured here if I could take a couple pictures of her stall. She graciously agreed and even said she wouldn’t mind being in the picture herself!

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