Painting Update

A couple of weeks ago I posted A Dreaded Task, where I took a picture of the painting I was working on for school, so I thought it might be fun to post my progress over this semester.


I do think that I’m getting better at using acrylics and I think that painting on canvas instead of paper is helping. I don’t really have much painting experience, and when I did paint it was with watercolors and oil.

This first one was a monochromatic of glass. I struggled with this one in the beginning, but I think it turned out to be decent.

The second one I just finished today. It was underpainting and over glazing with complementary colors. So far, this one has been the easiest. This technique reminded me of using PanPastels, which is why it was easier I think.

So paining is no longer my dreaded task. However, coming up with ideas for a psychological self portrait might be.


4 thoughts on “Painting Update

  1. Looks good. I found the under painting and over glazing project easy as well. I know I got it done with only a session or two. Your glass looks like real glass.
    Canvas is my favorite to paint on.

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