Welcome our newest member of the family! She adopted us in September a couple of weeks before we left for Ecuador. She would appear and disappear right around sunset every night like a ghost so we began calling her Casper. Although we tried, we never could find her original owners. Now she and mom are almost inseparable. 🙂

Chicken Vendor in the Mercado Modelo


As some of you know, a few weeks ago I traveled to Ambato, Ecuador with a group from my church to help with construction on our sister church there. While a lot of our time was spent on the site of the new building, we also had time to go sightseeing around the city. On the first Sunday, we visited the Mercado Modelo. It is a two story market covering a whole city block. On the first floor are the food vendors, like the woman in this picture, and on the second floor are little restaurants and juice stores. It’s hard to describe properly because there was so many things happening and new smells and sights and sounds everywhere. I do have more pictures though, since my words can’t do it justice, and I will be posting more over the next few days/weeks. 🙂

Since I don’t speak much Spanish, I asked my friend who does to ask the woman pictured here if I could take a couple pictures of her stall. She graciously agreed and even said she wouldn’t mind being in the picture herself!


This is a picture from yesterday afternoon’s trip to a botanical garden here in Ambato. I haven’t had a lots of time to post this week, but also I keep forgetting that I don’t have my computer so I can’t upload the photos off of my regular camera. 😋 Sooo… I keep forgetting to take pictures with my phone. But once I get back to the states there will be many, many Ecuador posts. 

On a Plane

Hello again! I’ll admit I fell off the bandwagon for the 365 challenge. Alas. I’ve been really busy with working and getting ready to fly out of the country this month, but I’m hoping to get the habit started again and begin posting regularly. This was the view last night on the flight from Houston to Quito, Ecuador. 

Little Ladybug


New Flower Bed

Today Mom and I worked all day on a new bed by the side door of our house. It was pretty exciting because neither of us thought that we could finish it today, but we were a couple of gardening BEASTS and knocked it out pretty much in one afternoon. Don’t worry, this won’t turn into a gardening blog, but I’m super proud of what we accomplished today, and I liked taking pictures of each step in the process.


An action shot of Mom digging a trench for the edging bricks, and my favorite shot of the day. 🙂


The finished edging


Everything planted


Final product


Another angle of the finished bed. (And my neighbor’s house)